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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Housewives Hit the Road

On this week’s all new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo, the Housewives get ready to hit the road, with Kyle Richards prepping for a 60-mile bike ride through Napa Valley, and Lisa VanderPump attempting to get her driver’s license! Plus, Taylor Armstrong reveals shocking details of her past. What else did you miss?

After last week’s totally awkward blind date between Kim Richard’s and Lisa VanderPump’s friend, Martin, Kim’s sister, Kyle Richards is preparing for a 60-mile bike ride through Napa Valley.

Her trainer suggests that she gets an “extreme bikini wax” to reduce friction during the bike ride. So rather than going out, Kyle decides that she’d feel more comfortable having them come to her house, and with her daughter watching, she gets her first wax. And yes, it was “extremely” painful just watching.

Lisa VanderPump is with her permanent house guest, Cedric, and the two are preparing to attempt to get their U.S. driver’s licenses, which Lisa thinks will speed up the process of Cedric moving out on his own–though she admits that she’s enjoying having him as a playmate.

After last week’s blind date, Kim Richards is meeting with her sister, Kyle Richards for lunch. Lisa VanderPump calls and asks to speak to Kim, asking her why she didn’t call her friend Martin after the dinner party. Kim comes up with several excuses for not calling, but when Kyle asks what she thought about him, Kim says that she actually did like Martin, but prefers that the man call the woman.

Camille Grammer has her “real friends” over for dinner and discusses the whole Kyle issue with them. Though she says she still thinks Kyle is “out of control,” Camille says that she likes to “forgive and forget,” but needs to find a way to do it.

Her friends warn her against it, but Camille decides to invite all of the ladies over for dinner at her house. We can’t wait for that episode!

Kyle Richards’ friend offers to watch her children while she and Mauricio (yum!) go to Napa for the weekend. Mauricio wants to stay longer, but Kyle is having trouble with the thought of being away from the kids for so long.

Kim Richards, also attached to her kids, is entertaining at her house and gets a call from a guy she met at the supermarket–”Single Gary”–who she has talk to her daughter, Kimberly. Kimberly proceeds to tell “Single Gary” how many kids Kim has. Oh, how we wish we could’ve heard what “Single Gary’s” response to that was!

In Napa, Kyle Richards and Mauricio are out for a romantic dinner for the first time in a LONG time, which is interrupted by a call from the kids. The phone call of course gets Kyle worried about the kids again and she starts asking when they are going to go back home. Then, Kyle tells Mauricio that she’s thinking about having another baby. Mauricio thinks that 4 kids are enough, but Kyle promises the 5th would be the last one.

“Single Gary” shows up with his granddaughter. Kim and her kids decide to have some fun with “Single Gary” and pretend that her friend’s 8-month-old baby is actually hers. When he leaves, Kim says that she likes him, but some of the members of the household don’t think he’s right for her. Wonder if she’ll be calling him or not…

At the DMV, Lisa VanderPump and Cedric get approached by a stranger who claimed to have seen her the night before. Oh, the people you meet at the DMV! Cedric and Lisa both take their written tests, and poor Cedric fails, which has Lisa wondering if he did it on purpose to avoid moving out.

Taylor Armstrong is preparing for a celebrity poker tournament with Annie Duke for a charity she works with–the 1736 Family Crisis Center for women and children who’ve experienced domestic violence. The organization asks Taylor to speak at the event, which brings up difficult memories of domestic violence for Taylor, who’s mother was abused.

Back in Napa, Kyle and Mauricio start their ride and Kyle’s a bit intimidated, but she’s determined to finish for all of the people in her family that died of cancer, and does! Way to go Kyle–and Mauricio. Oh, and after the ride, Kyle decided to stay that extra day.

Camille Grammer’s getting a workout herself as she goes for a run on the beach with her friends. On the way there, she and her friend discuss Kelsey and their plans to move to New York. Originally, Camille and the kids were to come to New York for the summer, but Kelsey called her and said that he wants to move to New York permanently, which Camille is not thrilled about. Gee–wonder how that’s going to play out!

At Taylor Armstrong’s fundraiser, Adrienne Maloof (and her tinsel extensions) is there to offer her support. Adrienne is shocked when Taylor reveals that she was a child of domestic violence, and watches in silence as Taylor gives her emotional speech.

Next week–Camille’s dinner party! Sparks will fly!

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